Rules & Policies

Classroom Rules & Policies


HOMEWORK- Homework must be turned in on time to receive full credit.  I will accept the work the next day, however 20 points will be deducted from the score and a note (and/or email) will be sent home to be signed.  If the assignment is still not completed, a grade of zero will be recorded and a zero note (and/or email) will be sent home to be signed. Homework will be written on the TV during class.  Projects, test dates, and online assignments will also be found on my website.  It is your child’s responsibility to copy their homework into their assignment pad.  The science textbook and notebook are needed to complete homework assignments. 

ONLINE TEXTBOOK- The science textbook, along with useful study guides, games and activities, can be found online at  The username is your child’s first and last name (lowercase letters, with no spaces).  The password is science.  In addition, middle school students are able to print out homework worksheets from the website.   

ABSENT WORK- If your child is absent, they are responsible for checking their class folder, in the science lab, for any work he/she may have missed.  The student has two days to complete assignments, unless other arrangements have been made, to receive full credit.  Notes missed during absences can be printed out from

TESTS- Questions will come from the textbook, worksheets, workbook pages, and especially notes, that will be written in their notebooks.  Notes can also be found on will usually spend at least one day before the test to review the material together.     

DISCIPLINE POLICY- Students can earn and lose table points by their behavior and class participation.  Whichever table has the most points by the end of class receives a ticket, which is entered into a raffle where they can earn prizes.  If the table has negative points at the end of class, the student that lost points for the table has to write a punishment assignment.  In addition, middle school students who lose 2 points in one class period will receive a pink slip.Class Points- Each class can accumulate points throughout the trimester.  The class with the most points earns a special reward!   

Science is a challenging subject.  However, if your child comes to class prepared, and keeps up with all notes and assignments, they will succeed. Let’s have a great year!!!