Examples of Lesson Plans






Valentines Respect Lesson

 Thursday, February 4, 2010

Area of Curriculum: Second Step (Bullying Program)

Lesson Topic: Respect

Grade Level: 3


Instructional Objective:

  • To have students define and reflect on how respectful they are towards their classmates and teachers


  • Class discussion about topic
  • Written work about how to improve skills to be more respectful

MA Learning Standard Addressed:

  • The Social and Emotional Health Strand


  • Worksheet with 2 hearts traced on them
  • Markers, scissors and other decorating items 


  • Before the lesson, the bulletin board will be decorative with the “ Our Respectful Hearts” in pink letters on a white board.
  • The students will be called to the front of the room.
  • As a whole class ask questions like:
    • What is respect?
    • What does respect mean to you?
    • How do you show respect?
  • From these questions, allow the conversation to be directed by the students but remind them how to show respect
  • Once the class has brainstormed ideas, ask them to return to their seats to fill out both hearts. Most students should write ways they can be more respectful to their classmates and teachers. If a student is already very respectful, have them write ways the class as a whole can be more respectful or have them write what respect means to them.
  • After the students write their message, have the go over the writing with black marker and decorate the hearts.
  • Once they are cut out and decorated, staple them to the bulletin board.



As students are finishing their hearts, share some of the idea students wrote. Also invite student up to read the board when they have free time. Throughout the day and weeks of February, remind students of the activity and how they wanted to improve their ways of being respectful.