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Work for the Week


    This week we will be covering Georgia Performance Standard: SS5H5- The student will explain how the Great Depression and New Deal  affected the lives of millions of Americans. 

     a. Discuss the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, the Dust Bowl, and soup kitchens.

     b. Analyze the main features of the New Deal; include the significance of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Works Progress Administration, and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

     c. Discuss important cultural elements of the 1930's; include Duke Ellington, Margaret Mitchell, and Jesse Owens.

     We will also be able to discuss some of our thematic strands related to 1) Culture and 4) Individual Development and Identity.  I am very excited about this standard, it is a great one to cover and is just one more opportunity we will have to broaden our historical horizons!  I can't wait to see you in class!

   Students! If you are absent please email me to get your assignments.  You also know that any handouts will be placed in the hanging folder on the back of the classroom door.  Check with your fellow students if you feel that you have missed any specific information from class or talk with me after class!Smile 

Extra Credit Assignment:

If you would like to receive extra credit for class, complete the following project:  Pick one item from the above standard (example Herbert Hoover, Duke Ellington, Civilian Conservation Corps, etc) and create some sort medium to express knowledge of your subject.  You could write a paper or "newspaper article," make a poster, PowerPoint presentation or even write a song.  It is up to you!  If you have any questions or need some help brainstorming for ideas see me before or after class!  I will be happy to help you.  The rubric for the project is as follows:

Rubric for 1930’s SS5H5 Extra Credit Project


Student Grade__________   



Finished on Time

Important Facts

Standard SS5H5



Teacher Grade_________



Finished on Time

Important Facts

Standard SS5H5



5= Student meets standard:  90-100= A

4= Student showed a good understanding of standard: 80-89=B

3= Student showed some understanding of the standard: 70-79=C

2= Student showed no understanding of the standard: 69=F







Student Name________________



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