World War II


- Exam #3 will be Friday, March 26th. This exam will consist of the The Beginning of the war and Pearl Harbor

- Soucres to the Term Papers will be due Thursday, February 25th. Discussions of your individual topics can be arranged with me on your time during my office hours.

-Weekly Study Guides are due every Monday.

World War II Syllabus

Course Introduction


           World War II is an epoch event in the world history. Never before have so many people been involved in one conflict as they were from 1939 to 1945. Indeed, the events that have followed this Great War continue to shape our world. The vast scope of the actions taken by so many will endure as a lasting legacy for the men and women who lived and died during the war. This course is designed to tell you their stories.


            Given the human nature of the material, this course could evoke powerful, emotional responses. However, we will strive to see the period in detail, viewing the material presented with the keen, critical eye of a historian. It is my hope that you can gain a detailed understanding of not only who the major personalities whom defined the era, but see the war from the often less viewed prospective of the common person, from the front lines to the home front. My ultimate goal is to establish in you a living history of the period.

 Course Format 

            World War II is an elective course not often taught at the high school level. Careful thought and consideration have been given in selecting the format to deliver the material. As I’ve looked around for a proper source to guide our studies, I haven’t found a traditional textbook that would be acceptable for our use. Therefore, we as a class are going to experience the material in several different ways. We’ll be drawing a majority of our material from original sources (newspapers, pictures, interviews and press pieces from the era). We will be integrating secondary sources into our discussion, including documentaries and Hollywood style films. I’ve chosen the teaching/learning method of discussion for our day to day classes. This will require participation from each student to be successful. Again, my hope is to create an environment in which the era comes alive with detail!


            The grading that will be used during this class will be a blending of a more traditional high school system with a collegiate one. During our weekly discussions, you will be given participation points and you will have an opportunity to fill out a worksheet/study guide which can be filled out as we go through the material. When we reach the end of a section of the course, an exam will be given. It will consist of two to three parts; multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and/or an essay. Finally, there will be one term paper consisting of two to three pages over a subject within the course. You will receive a handout explaining the term paper when it is assigned.

 Grading Points

Weekly Handouts/ Study Guide                                                                    20 pts x14

Exams                                                                                                             100 pts x 4 

Term Paper                                                                                                    100pts

Final                                                                                                                100pts

                                                                                                            Total = XXXX pts  

Texts and Materials 

            It is important to be prepared when you arrive to class. As previously stated, there will not be a textbook assigned to this course however it is your responsibility to have materials such as a pen or pencil and a folder with clean sheets of paper to take any notes as needed. If a source material is assigned, please bring that with you too.

 Office Hours and Contact Information 

            I am aware of my responsibilities as your teacher and will actively pursue a professional approach towards all of my students. I intend to provide open office hours in the classroom both prior to and/or after school. I will provide those times on the board the beginning of the week. I will also be able to respond to your questions via phone during appropriate times on both evenings and weekends. Also, you may contact me via our school e-mail. This is especially a good means of communication on the breaks during the semester. Parents are overwhelmingly encouraged to contact me with any questions they may have.

Phone Number: 409-6467                                          E-Mail: 

Class Policies and Academic Misconduct 

            This course is designed to developing your academic skills. Academic misconduct is a major violation of your responsibility as a student. Academic misconduct includes but is not limited to; plagiarism, cheating and/or disrupting the learning environment. These violations are assessed on a case by case basis. Please refer to the student handbook for all school and classroom policies.


[1] This is as tentative grading scale. It is subject to change throughout the semester as required by the instruction of the material.

[2] I would love to give you a point total however our weekly assignments and homework will vary so I have no earthly idea…

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