Classroom Expectations and Rules

Students will be assigned a lock and a locker on the first day of class and are required to dress for class everyday!

Good: School issued Gym shirts, Athletic shorts (or athletic pants, sweat pants, etc), Deodorant

Bad: Jeans, sandals, black soled shoes (dress shoes), Anything that is not what is listed above!

(Students will need to practice good hygene in gym class. It is recommended that students wash or have clean shorts to wear everyweek as well as bring home school issued gym shirt to wash every couple of classes. Parents: 7th grade is a time of "changes," with this said, please encourage the use of deodorant.)

Students will be given warnings the first two times they are not dressed for class, beggining the third time, the student will be dockedĀ 10 participation points.

This Class is a NO PUT DOWN ZONE. I don't care if you are simply messing around with a buddy, any sort of making fun or causing humiliation WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Grades in this class will be based on effort, not skill. So DO NOT WORRY. Gym class is about having fun and living healthy lives, not your skill level.