Lesson 1

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Numberless Word Problems

  • Overview- This lesson will be an introduction into multi-step word problem solving with the use of numberless word problems. Students will learn story problems through reading the actual problem and discussing the context before being given the numbers to solve the problem. This will reinforce higher order thinking required to solve this type of problem. This will also increase student understanding on the foundation skill that will enable them to solve problems that are more complex in the future.
  • Objective- Given three multistep word problems, students will solve the problem correctly 100 % of the time in 3 out of 5 opportunities.
  • Instructional Strategy- Direct Instruction/Modeling, Inquiry Based Questioning, Brainstorming, Cooperative Learning Groups, Grade as You Go (Behaviorist Learning Strategy), Gamification, Scaffolding
  • Duration- 90 minutes

Assessment Summary-

This assessment is meant to provide formative feedback for the teacher to use to continue to plan future instruction for individual students. The quiz consists of three questions, that require at least two steps to answer, are more structured than quizzes will be in the future as students will become more independent in their problem solving. The assessment is a short quiz with fill in the blanks. Instant constructive feedback is given to the student with grade as you go. Students will be given opportunities to use feedback to check missed problems so that students learn from mistakes.