Lesson 2

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Numberless Word Problems

  • Overview- In this lesson, students will continue to learn through numberless word problems. Students will then have the opportunity to independently practice on the own using real world problems from Yummy Math.
  • Objective- Given three numberless word problems, students will solve with 100% accuracy in 3 out of 5 opportunities.
  • Instructional Strategy- Direct Instruction/Modeling, Inquiry Based Questioning, Brainstorming, Cooperative Learning Groups, Grade as You Go (Behaviorist Learning Strategy), Cross Curricular Reading and Math, Scaffolding
  • Duration- 90 minutes

Assessment Summary-

This formative assessment will continue to provide feedback on student needs (intervention/acceleration). The quiz consists of three questions that require at least three steps to answer. This quiz is also structured to guide students. It will be the last of structured quizzes in the unit. Instant constructive feedback will be given to students as they finish. Students will be given opportunities to use feedback to check missed problems so that students learn from mistakes.