Lesson 5

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Summative Assessment

  • Overview- Lesson 5 is structured differently as it is a standard assessment day, content presentation and independent practice time is combined. Students will complete the summative assessment of the standard 4.OA.3. After feedback is given, students will rotate through small groups and assignments are given depending on how students scored on the assessment.
  • Objective- Given 10 multistep word problems, students will solve with 80% accuracy in 1 out of 2 opportunities.
  • Instructional Strategy- Assessment for Learning with instant feedback, Extended Targeted Remediation during Cooperative Learning Groups, Gamification
  • Duration- 90 minutes

Assessment Summary-

This summative assessment is a common assessment used across the grade level. Students must complete 10 open-ended questions. No feedback is given on missed problems. Those problems will be circled and students will be told to check their work. Correct answers will be praised. Students who fail to meet the 80% mastery will be remediated and given a different summative assessment on the same standard later.