Before Entering Kindergarten


*Can your child recognize the 8 basic colors?



*Does your child know these 4 basic shapes:

  circle, square, triangle and rectangle?



*Does your child recognize their name?




*Does your child write their name?


  Handwriting Practice - This site is very easy to use. (Click Here)


*Does your child recognize some of the numerals?



*Does your child recognize some of the letters of the alphabet?



*Does your child have experiences with crayons and pencils?

*Does your child have experiences with scissors?



*Can your child sequence - What comes first, second, third?




*Can your child listen to and follow simple directions?


    1. Pick up the blanket. 

    2. Give it to me. 

    3. Then sit on the floor. 


*Does your child practice buttoning, snapping and zipping their own

clothing and tying their own shoes?




These are suggestions to work on over the summer and continue throughout the school year. Mastery is NOT expected before school begins but it would help your child feel more comfortable and successful once school starts.