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Almost  on all skills!!

Here are the 2D Shapes That I Know
Here are the 3D Shapes That I Know



Jason Jackson Ben Ryan Liam
Abby Zoey Adelysia Tyler Natale
Easton Alina Harlow Larissa Lily


Tyler Easton Alina Ben Ryan
Larissa Harlow Natale Abby Chris
Zoey Jason Adelysia Liam Lily


Ryan Liam Ben Zoey Natale
Abby Adelysia Harlow Alina Easton
Jason Jackson Tyler Chris Larissa

Abby Ryan Ben Zoey Adelysia
Tyler Natale Alina Easton Liam
Chris Jason Jackson Harlow Larissa


Ben Liam Zoey Tyler Alina
Jason Ryan Natale Abby Chris
Adelysia Easton Harlow Jackson Larissa



Ryan Liam Zoey Natale Ben
Jason Easton Abby Harlow Adelysia
Alina Tyler Chris Larissa Lily

Liam Ryan Ben Adelysia Abby
Tyler Natale Liam Larissa Alina
Jason Chris Zoey Harlow Easton



Ryan Ben Tyler Liam Easton
Alina Zoey Chris Natale Abby
Harlow Adelysia Jason Lily Larissa



Ben Ryan Alina Zoey Chris
Liam Tyler Natale Easton Abby
Harlow Adelysia Jason Larissa Lily



Ryan Ben Zoey Tyler Liam
Natale Abby Chris Easton Alina
Harlow Adelysia Jason Larissa Lily



Easton Natale Tyler Zoey Chris
Lily Ryan Ben Abby Liam
Harlow Adelysia Alina Jason Larissia


Liam Ben Ryan Easton Lily
Abby Chris Zoey Harlow Adelysia
Tyler Alina Natale