Fiction and Non-Fiction


Fiction and Non-Fiction Books (Informational Books)


This is the time of the year that Kindergartners are introduced to Fiction and Non-Fiction books. They have listened to both types of books all year long but they are now developmentally ready to understand the difference. Any 5 or 6 year old can tell you that animals don’t talk or wear clothing so identifying a Fiction book comes pretty easy. Teaching children that Non-Fiction books give us true information is a little bit more challenging since young children really enjoy fiction books where anything can happen…and usually does! 


Your children are learning to use these terms at school so it is time to begin using them at home as well. Talk to your child before you read your nightly story and ask him/her to predict if the story is going to be Fiction or Non-Fiction. Don’t accept any guesses and ask your child to explain his/her thinking. When the story is finished, talk about it again and see if your child’s prediction was correct.