Practice at Home Folders



Dear Families

Homework folders will be sent home each night. These folders will contain materials for 
students to use at home. They will provide opportunities for at home practice on skill we 
have been working on at school. Each folder will also include data sheets for you to fill out 
to note progress. All materials and data sheets should be kept in the folder and returned to 
school each day. Materials and data sheets will be changed monthly. The take-home 
reading books should be read each night, plus 1 to 4 additional skill activities.

Kindergarten homework is designed to foster a home/school connection with learning skills 
and themes and to establish a foundation for good work habits. This is important because 
it helps to reinforce what has been taught in class, prepares students for future lessons, 
and helps develop responsibility. Each student is expected to complete all assigned work.

Thank you for your help,
John F. Kennedy Kindergarten Teachers


Sound Cards

ABC Cards

Number cards 1-30

Rhyming Pictures

Rhyming Bingo

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Subtraction to 5 Recording Sheet

Vertical Adding and Subtraction Cards

Sound Card Video Practice

List A

List B

List B+

List C

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List F

Sight Word PowerPoints

List A and B Lists - PowerPoint

List C and D Lists - PowerPoint

List E and F Lists - PowerPoint

List G and H Lists - PowerPoint