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Final Sound Practice

Adding up to 5
Starfall Adding up to 5
Vowel Bat Adding up to 5 - click on the first arrow
PBS Kids - Games Balance - adding up to 10
PBS Kids - Curious George I Can Count to 100
Letter Sound Match - Clifford Numbers in the Teens (They start with a 1 !!!!) song
Rhyming Games Patterning
Sand Pit Trucks - Rhyming Game What's Next?
Washing Line Rhyme Meet Paul Pattern
Sight Word Song Pathway
Read and Check Ribbit Frog Ribbit
Picture Match Simon Says
Puzzle Me Words Patterning
Word Families - Need an Adult  Memory
Construct a Word - Need an Adult Numerical Order*
The Alphabet What Comes Next?
CVC Word/Picture Match The Shapes
80 Sight Word Show The Number Rock Song
CVC-sound-practice.ppt - Power Point File Adding and Subtraction Song
Online Kindergarten Games Here are the 2D Shapes That I Know
Word Sand Pictures Here are the 3D Shapes That I Know*
Word Machine Math Magician
Online Phonics Games b-n Teen Numbers - a group of ten
CVC Word Practice The 5 Frame Game
CVC Machine - Need an Adult Money Song
Help Label the Picture Dinosaur Train - Comparing - How Big Are You?
Pounce on the Correct Word Early Learning Math Games
Chicken Stackers - CVC Word Stacker Practice Counting to 20
Crickweb - Word Maker Learning Games
Crickweb - Word Wheel 1 10 Frame Game*
Crickweb - Word Wheel 2 Patterning - What comes Next?
Construct a Word Pattern Block Building

Sight Word 1

Adding Sets of 10
Pumpkin Patch Comparing Numbers*

10 Little Snowmen


Money Building Robot


K-2 Interactive Games


Many Many Math Links


Kidport Kindergarten Math Skills


Kindergarten Math


Count to 100


Tens Frame Practice


Counting Backwards*


Shape Building*


Roll to the Finish*


Find the Missing Number*

  Fun Brain
  Fun songs with UMIGO - That Makes 10
  One Less Song
  Counting On
  Subitize Rock
  3D Shapes
  Tens Frame Mania
  Number Tanga
  Math Limbo