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The Letter Factory Song


Jump Out Words

Adding up to 5
Starfall Adding up to 5
Vowel Bat DJ Count
PBS Kids - Games Balance - adding up to 10
PBS Kids - Curious George I Can Count to 100
Letter Sound Match - Clifford Numbers in the Teens (They start with a 1 !!!!) song
Crickweb  -Pick a game 


CVC Machine - Need an Adult

What's Next?


Meet Paul Pattern

Construct a Word


Sight Word 1

Ribbit Frog Ribbit

Read and Check

Simon Says

Picture Match


Puzzle Me Words


Word Families - Need an Adult 

Numerical Order

Construct a Word - Need an Adult

What Comes Next?

The Alphabet

The Shapes

CVC Word Practice

The Number Rock Song

Online Phonics Games b-n

Adding and Subtraction Song

Word Machine

Here are the 2D Shapes That I Know


Here are the 3D Shapes That I Know


Math Magician


Teen Numbers - a group of ten


The 5 Frame Game


Money Song


Dinosaur Train - Comparing - How Big Are You?

  Early Learning Math Games
  Practice Counting to 20
  Learning Games
  10 Frame Game
  Patterning - What comes Next?
  Pattern Block Building


Adding Sets of 10
  Comparing Numbers

10 Little Snowmen


Money Building Robot


K-2 Interactive Games


Many Many Math Links


Math Limbo


Number Tanga


Count to 100


Tens Frame Practice


Counting Backwards


Shape Building


Roll to the Finish


Find the Missing Number

  Fun Brain
  Fun songs with UMIGO - That Makes 10
  One Less Song
  Counting On
  Subitize Rock
  3D Shapes
  Tens Frame Mania

I Can Show Numbers In So Many Ways





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