Please pack their snack in a brown paper bag marked snack and their lunch in a lunch box/bag.
Being Prepared for Kindergarten
*** One large backpack - All children should have a backpack with a folder for notices. Please do not attach anything to your child's backpack such as beanie babies or key chains. This is for their safety. These items could catch on something and cause an injury. When labelingyour child's backpack or lunch box, please write their names on the inside.
This way no one can call them by name.
*** One folder for notes - This is being provided by the PTO this year. This pocket folder is needed daily to bring notices home and/or to school. When money is sent to school, please place money in an envelope with your child's name on it. Also, indicate what the money is for, the amount enclosed, and any special instructions.
*** Daily snacks and lunch or money in their account to make a purchase. Snacks and lunch can be brought from home or purchased at school. Please try to provide well-balanced foods, which are nutritional. A wash cloth or a small dish towel should be included in your child's lunch box to be used as a placemat. Tell your child that this gives them a clean surface to place their snack. You could practice using one at home. They are great
for cleaning up spills quickly. For your child's safety, please do not send in glass bottles, cans of juice or soda and metal pull top fruit cups or pudding. Snack time is just for a snack. Breakfast should be eaten at home. If your child has any allergies, please send in me a note. 
      To make it easier for your child to distinguish between their snack and lunch we are requesting that you pack their snack in a brown paper bag marked snack and their lunch in a lunch box/bag.