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Scratch Undo Pro Reviews: ScratchUndo Pro Car Scratch Remover Pen


As previously stated, using Scratch Undo Pro is very easy. Here are a few pointers to help you out, make sure you follow all the below-mentioned points to ensure perfect application of the product:Ensure you clean the scratched part of the car in a thorough mannerNow with the cap on, make sure you shake the ScratchUndo Pro Scratch Undo Pro penNow ensure you point the tip down and start the press and release process until the saturation ofthe tip.Now apply the pen to the entire surface area of the car paint scratch. Make sure you do it during the day Once you’re done with the application process, wipe off the excess with a tissue.


Once you’re done with all this, you should wait for it to cure, and in no time, your car (or any other vehicle) will look good as new. Here is one important point that you should make sure you remember, always put the cap/lid back on after using the Scratch Undo Pro pen. If you fail to put the cap/lid of the pen back on, then the liquid that repairs the scratch will dry up and the pen will not be usable anymore. Buy here: