Coated with TiN Square Hexagon punch die


Quick Details
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Number:Customized
Shaping Mode:Forging Mould
Product Material:Steel
Product name:Coated with TiN phillips header punch die

Please specify the details of Coated with TiN Square Hexagon punch die as follows when you inquire or order:

1. The material of header punches you need or the material of screw you used;

2. The specification of standard you use, for examples: JIS, ANSI or DIN;

3. Screw Application: Machine Screw , Tapping Screw , Wood Screw or any others;

4. Head Style: Flat head , Pan head , Truss head , Binding head or any others;

5. Nominal Size: JIS-M20, M23; ANSI-#4, #8; DIN-M30, M35;

6. Recess Driver: Phillips , Slot, Phillips and Slot Combination, Pozi ect;

7. Dimension : 12x25, 14x25, 18x25, 23x25;

8. Coated : Plian , TIN Coated , TILAN Coated.