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Habit #6 Synergize

READING: Book 2 Story 6 "Honey Bees"  
Math:  Topic 5 Test   (11/30- Tuesday)  

Polar Express Day - Wear PJs






E-Learning Day - 11/12/21

Good Morning! Today for E-Learning Day, your child has an E-Learning Packet to complete and return on Monday. This will be used for today's attendance. Also, students may use their Chromebook to complete REFLEX Math to get their green circle complete as well as finish any remaining Lexia minutes. They should know how to use their QR code to get into the Chromebook! We have been using this for a couple of weeks now.

Just as a refresher, when students open their Chromebook and it comes on, they will click the NEXT button which will open up the camera that is needed to read the QR Code. Students will hold up the QR code in front of the camera and it will give them a check-mark. Sit and wait for the Google screen to load, then click on CLEVER. It will open my home page. From here, they can click on REFLEX or Lexia to complete their assignment. Students will NOT use the login info. that is taped on the inside of the Chromebook! If a student used their name (taped on the inside of the Chromebook), they will need to LOG OUT and start over again. If something isn't working, I would recommend turning the computer off and back on again.




Mrs. Slay's Notes for 11/1 - 11/5

-Parents, please remember Student Led Conferences will be Monday, November 1st at your scheduled time. 

These conferences will look a little different than a normal "conference".  During Student Led Conferences, students will share with you the 7 Habits we have been learning about as well as what some of those concepts mean.  Students will share their goals and will share how they are tracking their progress.  They will also share other components of their Leadership Notebook!  Conferences will last about 10 - 15 minutes.  

Mrs. Slay's Notes for 10/25 - 10/29

We have a busy week ahead of us!

It is RED Ribbon Week! We have a field trip! We have the Monster Mash in addition to our weekly tests!


Please read the following message carefully and respond to me by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning! I have to turn our count in to Mrs. Mary!

On Thursday, October 28th, we will go on our Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

***All students will get a sack lunch from PPS UNLESS you message me to say, "My child will bring a sack lunch from home".

If you choose for your child to send a sack lunch from home, it must be in a CLEAR Gallon sized zip-lock bag for packing in a cooler purposes. You will only need to send the food items. I am providing a bottle of water for each student and they will be in the cooler ready to go!


This week's Reading skill is new and students will likely need extra practice in reading long /a/ words as well as practice with Spelling words.

If your child was OUT OF SCHOOL Friday, they will need to be prepared to take their make-up tests tomorrow, (Oct. 25th). Students who have to do all of their make-up work tomorrow will need extra practice Reading Decodable A in their Reading Binder. I will try my best to get their Reading Group in, but it depends on how much time it takes to do the make-up work. I only have 3 teaching days this week with us going on the Field Trip this week!

In Math, we will have a daily grade on Lesson 4-4 tomorrow and will continue working on Topic 4 (Ways to Subtract). We will be taking our Topic 4 Test sometime next week.




Mrs. Slay's Notes for 10/18 - 10/22

We begin Book 2.  Your child WILL have new homework added.  In Book 2, the skills will get more difficult as we begin learning about Long Vowels each week. For the basic lesson, I follow the same pattern each week when I teach in Reading.  While their are many other things taught, the focus is as follows: 
Monday - Long vowel taught
Tuesday-2nd Phonics skill taught
Wednesday - Focus is Comprehension skill
Thursday - Review all skills for week/Read the Words
Friday - Weekly Tests
(Reading Selection Test, Spelling Test)

When students are absent, they miss that lesson or skill for that day as well as their group time to practice that skill.  The material taught on Monday - Wednesday isn't re-taught in depth on any other day than what is listed above.  When students are absent, it is up to parents to go over the missed lesson with your child. 

***In Book 2, I read less of the Weekly Skills Test than I did in Book 1.  In Book 1, I read everything to the students except the comprehension story.  
In Book 2 on each Weekly Selection Test:
Section 1 (Questions 1-5) - Students read everything (sentence & choices).
Section 2 (Questions 6-10) I read the questions./Students read the choices.
Section 3 (Questions 11 - 15) Students read the comprehension story.
                                                     I read the questions./Students will read the choices. 

This week, we will begin focusing on AR or Accelerated Reading.  Students check out a Library book on their level last Friday.  These stay at school and is an independent project for now, meaning this is something, I do not read to them.  Later, Mrs. Bedwell will give them permission to bring their book home, but that will start LATER.  
Starting this week, because the books are on student levels, students will be expected to read their book independently and will take at least 2 AR Tests by the end of the week.  The plan is for students to have time to read independently each morning from 8:10 - 8:40 during GOAL Time.  They will be reading Independently as this is a time I am working with students uninterrupted. 
If students have read their book at least 3 times, they will have the opportunity to re-read the book and take a test on Tuesday.  We will read independently again on Wednesday preparing for AR Test 2 and then they will take Test 2 on their own AR book on Thursday.  Students who are absent may or may not have silent reading time when they return.  

2nd Nine Weeks AR GOAL: Take at least 8 AR Tests with an 85% or higher average.  
***Students who make the goal by the end of the nine weeks will get a reward from Mrs. Bedwell and Mrs. McNider!  
Over the last few weeks, I have talked with them multiple times about the procedures for taking an AR Tests.  By now, they should be comfortable with logging in to Renaissance and taking an AR Test independently (if they have paid attention). I have talked with them about "how reading carefully and making a 100" is more important on these tests than just the number of tests they take.  
If they fail a test, it doesn't affect promotion/retention, but it does affect whether they get the reward at the end of the nine weeks and MORE IMPRTANTLY, it affects their progress in Reading itself.  Students who read AR books consistently and who do well on these tests improve their Reading Fluency and Accuracy by leaps and bounds.  It helps them improve their Reading Levels by the end of the year also!

Mrs. Bedwell gave students a "Be a Champion" Sheet in Library.  She has given them the instructions to read books at home and write the name of the book they have read along with the author on the sheet.  Once the sheet is full, students are to return it to school for a prize.  This FRIDAY, October 22nd is the LAST Day to turn this sheet in. 

Monday, I will introduce Topic 4/Lesson 1.  This Topic begins with Subtraction and ways to think about subtracting.  
Remember, it is always a good idea to save each of the Daily Lesson pages to have to review as we get close to a test.  Each Daily page shows how the lesson is taught.  Much of this series focusses on Mental Math.  We use the strategies such as counting on with our fist, using a number-line, using a work-mat (part/part/whole), and using ten frames. We will also use the memorization of our Doubles Facts to solve Doubles Plus 1, and Doubles Plus 2 quickly.  I am so proud of many of my students as they are catching on and are able to use these strategies fluently to help them solve problems quicker! You will notice that we will use all of these strategies repeatedly.  In Topic 4, we will add a new tool to help us understand how our numbers work together.  In Lesson 4-4, we will learn how to make Fact Families.  We will use a Fact Family House to show how 3 numbers work together to make 4 different Math problems or sentences.  This will be another example of part/part/whole.  

EXAMPLE of the thought process for Lesson 4-4:

Numbers:  4, 2, 6
What are our 2 parts?  
Our 2 parts are the 2 numbers that are less.......4 and 2
What is our whole?  
Our whole is what you get when you put the 2 parts together.  
Our 2 parts are always the 2 numbers that are less. 
Our whole is 6.




Mrs. Slay's Notes:


This week will look a little different in Reading. We finished our 6th story in Book 1 last week, which means we finished Book 1.  This week is called a REVIEW Week. We will spend our class time reviewing the skills that we learned in Book 1.  After reviewing for a few dadys, we will take our Unit 1 Test at the end of the week. There will be 4 sections on the test:  Comprehension, Phonics, High Frequency Words, and Grammar.  If students paid attention in class and did well on the Weekly Selection Test, they should do well on this test.  

***You will NOT get new Homework this week in your child's Reading Notebook. To help your child review for the test, go back and practice reading the High Frequency Words from each week.  Make sure students can read them and can choose which HFW goes in a fill in the blank sentence.  You can also have them tell you the sounds they hear in a word you choose from each Spelling List (1st column of each Homework pg) or from the 2nd column list of words.  Lastly, to practice Reading Fluency and accuracy, your child can practice reading 1 Decodable story from each week.  This will give them good Reading practice.  


In Math, we will finish lessons in Topic 3, complete a review and will take our Topic 3 Test on Friday.  


-FIELD TRIP money is due no later than 8 a.m. on October 13th. 

Money will NOT be accepted in the office. 




Call Out Notes 9/26/21: 

This is Holly McNider from Prattville Primary School.  I would like to share a few reminders:

  • Students and staff will begin focusing on Habit #3, putting first things first.  This habit reminds us to do the things we have to do before we do the things I want to do.  

  • On Tuesday of this week, we will be kicking off our read-a-thon fundraiser.  Students are challenged to log their reading minutes and find sponsors to contribute to our school in honor of their reading.  Information about the read-a-thon will come home in Tuesday folders.  This is an online fundraiser and all funds raised will help with campus beautification projects.  Follow us on Facebook to learn more. 

  • On Wednesday of this week all students will be photographed for fall picture day.  If your child is absent, we will have a make-up picture day later this month.   

  • We will not have a special snack this Friday. 

  • Currently, Autauga County Schools are encouraging all students, staff, and visitors to wear a mask.  However, please understand that this is a fluid situation and decisions continue to be adjusted to keep everyone safe. We are now conducting contact tracing when needed and if your student wears a mask correctly and consistently, they will be less likely to be required to self isolate if they are determined to be exposed. Always contact our school nurse with any Covid 19 questions or concerns. 


Mrs. Slay's Notes:  (9/20/21):

This week our weekly story is: "The Fox and the Kit". Today we learned about adding -s to the end of a verb and how it makes the word mean that it is happening now. jump, jumps She jumps in the leaves. (It is happening now.) Activities to help your child at home would be to:, Focus on working with the Spelling words. You call the word. He/She counts the sounds she hears in the word with her fingers, then writes the letters that makes those sounds. You can also make flashcards for the High Frequency Words and give him/her a sentence like: I like to ______fruit. I gave ______ a flower. Then ask her which of the HFWs make sense in the blank. He/She can pick the card with the correct High Frequency Word. The 3rd activity can be to re-read: Big Jobs (Decodable Story 4 A) that is in the Reading Binder right after the Homework page. Students can re-read this story several times to build Fluency (our goal), which is to read smoothly without having to stop and sound out a lot. These are all good activities to help reinforce what we worked on today (Monday).

Math: I got ahead of myself last week and said we were having a test on Friday. That was a little too quick. It will actually be this Thursday, September 23rd. We worked on Lesson 2-8 today and will complete 2-9 tomorrow with a review being on Wednesday and the test on Thursday. Please remember, it is a good idea to save each Daily Lesson in Math to have to review or look back at each night to prepare for our test. You may also use the Review pages I complete with them the day before the test.

Mrs. Slay's Notes (9/12/21):
I hope you all have had a good, restful weekend!  I am looking forward to our 1st (5 day) full week since we have started Book 1.  Students did much better with tests this past week than our 1st week.  Please remember that it usually takes 2-3 weeks for students to acclimate to test taking and to learn the format the test follows each week.  The comprehension section for this past week's story was tricky and students had to read independently as well as pay close attention to details and names in the story.  Students could look back to the story and re-read if they needed to, but they are still learning the whole test taking process.  Just as a reminder, I read everything to them on the test except the story on the test.  If your child is struggling on the weekly tests, it is always helpful to re-read the Decodable story page that we practiced on Monday or Tuesday.  These Decodable stories should always be in your child's Homework Notebook!  We use these in class and they are perfect to use if your child needs extra reading practice.  The goal is to read fluently without having to sound out!  It will be a work in progress from now through December.  By January, we move more into a fluent state of reading rather than having to sound out a lot. 

To be proactive in the event that a student has to quarantine at any time, I will try to load the Reading material in the Reading Homework Notebook on the Friday before the week it is taught.  It is usually best to wait to complete the Homework until I have taught the skill for that day.  Below is a list of the format we follow each week with each story!

This week our Reading story is "The Big Blue Ox".  The 2 short stories that follow "The Big Blue Ox" Homework page are Decodable stories that we will read in class to practice the skill I teach on Monday/Tuesday. 


Monday - I teach the Spelling skill listed in the 1st column. This week that is the short /o/ sound and 3 letter (CVC) words that have short /o/ in them.  
In class, we read Decodable "A" after "The Big Blue Ox" Homework page.  This story gives practice reading short /o/ words.

Tuesday - I teach the second skill listed in the 2nd column. This week that is adding letter -s to the end of a noun. When adding -s to the end of a noun, it makes the word mean more than 1 or is plural.        dog -----dogs
We read Decodable "B" that gives practice with plural words ending with letter -s.

Wednesday - I focus on the Comprehension skill by using the weekly story "The Big Blue Ox".  This story is in our hardback Reading book kept at school.  This story is not used for testing. It is used to practice the comprehension skill, literary skills, and skills such as reading High Frequency Words in sentences. On Wednesday, students should complete the back of the weekly homework sheet.  The back of the sheet includes grammar practice as well as a story that students should practice reading independently to gain comprehension skills.  It is okay for you to read the questions and choices, but this is their opportunity to practice reading independently to prepare for what they will do independently on the weekly Selection Test. 

Thursday - We review all skills and re-read 1 of the stories.  Each week is full of things to learn and practice.  

Friday - Tests & Daily Grades (for now).  Eventually, daily grades will be taken on Thursday once students have adjusted to the routine and format of tests/daily grades. 







Notes:  9/9/21

I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday! Four day weeks always go by too fast! -Please remember that students will take their Spelling Test, Weekly Reading Selection Test, Read the Words (Daily Grade) and a Math Daily Grade on Doubles (1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, etc. ). -To practice for the Spelling Test, students should practice writing the word when you call it out. To practice for the Reading Test, students should practice reading the short /i/ word list and the work list with words ending in letter /x/. It is also helpful to practice reading the High Frequency Words. Students will have to listen to a sentence and choose the correct High Frequency Word that goes in the blank. I will read the sentence to them. They have to read the 3 word choices. They will also have to read a short story made with short /i/ words and last week/this week's HFW. They will answer questions about the story they read. I will read the questions and choices to them on this section. -Special Snack is a Rice Krispy Treat. $1 each



Call out notes from 8/29/2021


PPS Parents: 

This is Holly McNider from Prattville Primary School.  I would like to share a few reminders:

  • Our snack cart visits classrooms daily from 7:40-8:05.  If your child is tardy, they will not have an opportunity to purchase from the cart.  All items are 75 cents and please send the correct change.

  • Always remember if your child is absent you must send in a parent note or an excuse from the physician.  This allows us to code your child’s absence excuse and avoid truancy concerns.  

  • Each Tuesday our students bring home a folder that will have important reminders.  Please make it a habit to review all paperwork and send it back with your child the following day. This Tuesday your child will bring home in their Tuesday folder information for our upcoming eLearning day on Friday, Sept. 3.  Students will not report to campus this day but complete assignments at home.  For our first eLearning Day PPS students will have paper packets.  Please be on the lookout for this information in the Tuesday folder this week. 

  • Our students will be practicing a school lockdown drill on Thursday of this week.  I always like to let parents know when we conduct this first drill as it can be scary for our students.  Please remind your students that we practice these types of drills so we know what to do in an emergency.  Our staff is constantly working to keep our campus safe and these drills help us ensure we make the best decisions if we were ever faced with those situations. 

  • Currently, Autauga County Schools are encouraging all students, staff, and visitors to wear a mask.  However, please understand that this is a fluid situation and decisions continue to be adjusted to keep everyone safe. We are now conducting contact tracing when needed and if your student wears a mask correctly and consistently, they will be less likely to be required to self isolate if they are determined to be exposed. Always contact our school nurse with any Covid 19 questions or concerns. 

  • Thank you for your support. 





Daily Folders should be brought to and from school each day.  Please keep daily work at home each day.  

Reading Notebooks should be brought to and from school each day!  Please use the Homework pages as a guide to practice Reading with your child each week. 

Reading Grades will begin the 1st Week of September. 


-Workbook Skill page/daily

-Read the Words (Students will read a list of words made from the skill taught during the week.) /daily

-Weekly Selection Test (I will read some and the students will be required to read some of the parts independently.)/major




**Math Grades will begin this week (August 16 - 20).


Keep Daily Math lesson pages until we take our Topic Test.  These pages should say Lesson 1-1 in the top corner and will continue 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, etc. until we get to the end of the Topic (chapter).  Some Topics only have 4 or 5 lessons while some may have up to 10 lessons.  I will keep you updated through Seesaw!

Science/Social Studies:  S, N or U grades will be given.


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Mrs. Slay's Welcome

I am so excited to be able to get back to the classroom to teach this year and watch students grow and learn together each day.  I look forward to meeting your child and getting to know them in the classroom setting. We all know children thrive when they can be with their peers and can learn together.  This year will be full of regular routines and many opportunities for your child to set their own goals, monitor them, and reflect on their progress throughout the year.  Each student will recieve a Chromebook to enhance learning in the classroom as well as learn tools they can use during E-Learning Days.  Again, I look forward to meeting each of you during our "pop in" Orientation.  See you all soon!                                                                                                                                                              ~Mrs. Slay





*Please check the Prattville Primary School Webpage


my webpage to stay abreast of weekly information.  


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