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Check list

Check list

Check list

This is what your final project will be graded on for Science: (Check things off as you finish them that way you will have everything you need!)



  • creative title
  • introduction paragraph
  • materials
  • procdure
  • data
  • results
  • conclusion
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Questions to answer!!

    1. What is your tilte of your project? (different from the question)
    2. Why did you choose your topic? (do not use the word because)
    3. What is some background information on your topic?
    4. What is your lab question?
    5. What is your hypothesis?
    6. What happened?
    7. What did you measure?
    8. What were the results of your experiment?
    9. Create a table and graph of the data you gathered.


    Get 2 Months for $5!