Class information

ATTENDANCE:   Activities that are discussed will not be duplicated.  If you miss a day, it is your responsibility to check for any assignment you may have missed.


I will send home some assignments for parents to discuss with their student.  These assignments will need a signature from the parents in order for the student to receive credit.

Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment.

All assignments should be submitted on time.  I will be flexible if you alert me ahead of time that you will be late for a very good reason. Late assignments will receive no higher than a grade of 80%.  After one week a late assignment will receive no higher than a grade of 60%.

TESTS:  Tests will be given on the materials covered in class. 

TEXTBOOKS:  Teen Health Course 2.  There is only a classroom set for students to use. You are not allowed to take these books home.   There are a limited number of copies in the media center for you to check out if you wish.


A   = 93 – 100       A- = 89-92      B+ = 85-88      B  = 82-84    B-  = 79-81  C+ = 75-78     C  = 71-74    C-  = 69-71              D+ = 65-68         D  = 61-64      D-  = 59-61      F   = 58 and under

SUPPLIES:  Students are required to bring 1) a pencil or pen, 2) a folder to put papers in, 3) lined paper to write on (a notebook would be best).

RULES FOR CLASS 1) Students are expected to be on time and ready to start class. 2) Students will be respectful to others. 3) It is not necessary for students to have cell phones and other electronic devices in class.  If a student has such a device they will be asked to place them in their school locker.  If they choose not to put them in their locker they will be taken away and put in the office for parents to pick up. 4) Gum is not allowed in class.