Class Content and Resources


                                            Mandell JCC of Greater Hartford - Preschools  

         I am currently teaching two and three your olds at A Childs Choice       


In the future I would like to teach Kindergarten or First Grade.  

As of right now we are learning the following listed below:

  • The alphabet
  •  Numbers 1-15
  •  How to trace our names
  •  Identifying our letters, mainly the letters in our names
  •  Days of the Week
  •  Sight words
  •  Fine motor and Gross motor skills

I have listed some ideas/activities to do at home to practice the content that we go over in the classroom. These are fun learning activities you can do with your children that they will have a blast doing with you at home as well!

  • Squirt the letter- have an alphabet mat or poster with the alphabet written on it and a spray bottle and have your child squirt the correct letter that you show or ask them to spray.
  • Make a sensory bag to find the letters
  • Stacking letter tiles- Name the letter before you can add to the tower
  • Go on a scavenger hunt to find numbers and match them up with dots on a worksheet
  • Sing lots of songs about numbers, alphabets, days of the week etc.


For Parents:

The two websites listed above have great resources parents can look at and use to help their preschool aged children. It gives handouts, worksheets, and specific topics or skills children should know at certain ages, as well as parenting videos and info that can help new or skilled parents.

For Students:

These two websites listed above have great resources and games for students to play and learn. These websites are great and kids have alot of fun playing the different games and activities they have to offer. It is free for 30 days and then a small monthly fee that you could pay for your children to learn even at home and still be able to enjoy it and enjoy learning new things each day!



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