Our Class Happenings!

This page will be an informational page for what is happening with you and your friends. Upload pictures to either my email or to my phone. I will then put them on this page. I will post about any projects I have going on this page as well. A good place for us to keep in touch!

 Last Zoom Meeting is Monday at 9:30. Be prepared to say something nice about Ellis. Pick up Parade is Friday. Make sure and notice the time for the Blue or Orange line. Coming at the correct time will help the line go smoothly.

I cannot think of anything you need to return. I have packed all their things in a canvas bag. If you think your child has something left at school, let me know and I will try to find it.

This is so hard for me to write as I miss your child. I am thankful for the year we had together. It makes me sad that it has to end this way. But hopefully seeing them one last time will help bring closure. I do feel strongly that they are ready to go forward in their school journey! They have been a blessing to me all year. I loved being their teacher. Thank you for that privilege. Blessings!!