Class Rules and Consequences


1. Follow directions the first time

2. Raise your hand.

3  Be kind to all others.

4. Use your manners; please, thank you, yes maam, no maam. 

5. Refrain from saying "I Can't" or "Shut Up."  These are two of my least favorite sayings. 



A record of daily behavior will be kept in the planners that students bring home.  At the end of the day students will shade in the appropriate behavior color on their calendar.  There are 5 different possible colors they may end up on according to their behavior during the day.  Students begin on green "GOOD" and have the opportunity to move up to "AWESOME" or may be moved down for inappropriate behavior. If students are given a "First Warning" they will lose 5 minutes of recess, a "Second Warning" results in the loss of recess entirely.  Students will have the opportunity to move up throughout the day if they drop below green.  It is my belief that everyone deserves a second chance.