This Week's Homework


“am” and “an” are glued sounds and are marked up with a box around them.  Do this in all of your writing.



Homework for the week of November 15, 2010Spelling words: fan   ham   jam   man   mix   dot   tub     Glued sounds “am” and “an”. The “a” in “am” and “an” sounds different than when a is by itself.  When glued together these letters make a different soundfrom   or   have   --- trick words Monday      Math: 40BSpelling:  Write your spelling words on index cards.  Put them in a safe place and study them every day.Reading Log Tuesday       Math:  41BFundations: Cut apart words.  Make as many “am” and “an” words as you can by cutting and rearranging the letters.  Reading Log Wednesday   Math:  42BSocial Studies: Thanksgiving.  Try to fill up the web using words that you know about Thanksgiving. Hand this in with Thursday’s homework as you may find it helpful to use when doing tomorrow’s homework.Reading Log Thursday      Math:  43BSocial Studies:  In your Homework Journal, write at least 3 sentences about something(s) for which you are thankful.Reading Log         Practice your spelling words each night.

Mrs. Donohue 2010

Complete your reading log each night.  Return it to school on Friday.