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Accelerated Reader  (AR):

Library/Media skills is an ELA subskill on the MTC Diocesan Report Card. The grade earned in Library/Media skills is based on the Accelerated Reading (AR) goal percentage achieved. AR Goals are based on the STAR Reading assessment, average percent correct, and selected minutes of daily reading.

Library/Media Skills Grading Scale:

4= Student achieved 100% of their AR Goal

3= Student achieved 90-99% of their AR Goal

2= Student achieved 80-89% of their AR Goal

1= Student achieved below 79% of their AR Goal

Students are encouraged to "reach for the stars" by going beyond the Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reading Goal. Students must earn a grade of "3" or "4" in Library/Media skills in order to be eligible for Honor Roll.

Students are able to take AR quizzes during the following times:

1. Computer Lab   7:00-7:30am

2. During Class Library Time:  

     5A: Tuesday  7:50-8:40

     5B: Wednesday  2:10-2:50


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