Grade 5 Welcome Page


Welcome to 5th Grade


Contact Information

Mrs. Nessler


Google Voice: 813-563-1059 (8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.)


Mrs. Gonzalez


Google Voice: 813-575-2375 (8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.)




IXL grades for Tech have been posted. Math IXL was taken for Tech up to this point and ELA IXL was for ELA. Students with incomplete assignments have until the end of the trimester to complete those assignments that are not 90 and above. Once a student has completed an incomplete assignment, please email Ms. Downes or Mrs. Gonzalez with a list of the completed assignment(s). Students have been given two class periods per week to complete the work as well as any other time that was free (Morning or after work for other classes has been completed). In addition, students are able to complete unfinished work at home since they have access to IXL at home for homework assignments.  Assignments have been posted in each homeroom and updated weekly. An example is posted above.


AR: Students should reach 25% of their reading goal by Friday, April 2nd. Students are given time during homeroom, Language Arts, and when they finish an assignment to work on their AR goal. Students are also expected to be reading at least 30 minutes a day for AR during Spring Break.




If a student has an ATL in a subject, the ATL grade will be highlighted yellow in the gradebook. Click on the ATL grade and it will display the assignments the student has failed to complete.


Upcoming Assessments


Grammar Workshop---Unit 3 Part II---May 4th

Science---Unit 4---Earth's Water---May 5th

Social Studies---French and Indian War (Chapter 4: lesson 5) and Tensions in Britain (Chapter 5: Lesson 1)---May 7th

Math-Chapter15-Polygons---May 12th.

Vocabulary Workshop---Unit 10---May 12th

Religion---Chapter 25-Holy Orders---May 13th

Reading---"Tuckets Travels"---May 14th

Science---Unit 1---Properties of Matter---May 25th

Math-Chapter 16--Solid Figures and Finding Volume Mini Test---May 25th




Up & Coming Summative Retakes

Reminder: Retake forms are located online through the MTC Parent Portal under Students. Hard Copies are made available in each homeroom. Math test correction forms are located in Mrs. Gonzalez's room.


Social Studies---Chapter 4: Lesson 5 and Chapter 5: Lesson 1---Tuesday, May 18th -------(Retake Form due Monday, May 17th)

Math--Chapter 15---Tuesday, May 25th

Religion--Chapter 25 Holy Orders---Tuesday, May 25th

Science---Unit 4---Tuesday, May 25th---(Retake Form due 5/21)

Grammar Workshop---Unit 3 Part II---May 25th (Retake Form due 5/22)

Vocabulary Workshop ---Unit 10---May 25th (Retake Form due 5/22)









Lunch is from 11:04-11:54 on Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. On Tuesday, its from 11:23-12:00.  Fifth grades students eat in the cafeteria every third day in the rotation.


P.E. is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Students will come dressed in their P.E. uniform on those assigned days.



Zoom Links

Mrs. Nessler & Mrs. Gonzalez:



All assignments can be found on TEAMS.  (Link Here)




One Note & Online Platforms Tutorials

Sadlier & Pearson

Sadlier & Pearson Vimeo Tutorial

One Note on PC

One Note on PC Vimeo Tutorial

One Note on iPad

One Note on iPad Vimeo Tutorial




Email & Office 365 Applications


Each fifth grade student's password has been reset. At home, log onto  to access email, One Drive, One Note and Teams.


   Username Reminder:
John Smith graduates in 2024


  E-mail Address

Student e-mails have become active.

Students are able:

  • email teachers and other students directly through their personal email accounts through MTC
  • access their class notebook through One Note
  • continue access to their One Drive


Note to Parents:

Gaggle Safety Management is utilized to monitor the students' emails for violence/bullying etc. Students will only be able to email internally for safety.