Grade 5 Welcome Page


Welcome to 5th Grade


Contact Information

Mrs. Nessler



Mrs. Galvis






The Journeys reading text book and the Sadlier math textbook need to be covered with either a cloth cover or a paper cover by Friday 8/12. If the book is not covered by Friday, the student will receive an ATL in reading and/or math.

The student's schedule can be found in the back of the student's planner along with their AR form and ATL form.

The student's planner is to go back and forth from school to home everyday. Mrs. Nessler and Mrs. Galvis will direct the students everyday to write down their homework, important dates, and important information. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that they are using their planners appropriately.




Students are assigned a handwriting page weekly. If a student did not complete a handwriting page during the 3rd trimester, it is the student's responsibility to have the assigned page completed and turned in by Monday, May 23rd. If a student has nay incomplete pages in the handwriting book, they will receive an ATL in ELA.



If a student has an ATL in a subject, they will be marked and dated on the Approaches to Learning form in the back of the student's planner. The ATL grade will be entered into Renweb and will be highlighted yellow in the gradebook. Click on the ATL grade and it will display the details of the ATL. Parents: ATL grades can only be accessed using a laptop or desktop computer. These devices give a more detailed view of Renweb's gradebook than using the app on your phone or an i-Pad.


Upcoming Assessments


Reading- "A Package for Ms. Jewls"---Wednesday, August 24th





Lunch/Recess is from 11:04-11:54 on Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. On Tuesday, its from 11:23-12:00. 



P.E.  Students have classes on the following days:


            Monday (Students will not change into their P.E. uniforms on the first day of school

                                           8/8. The P.E. coaches will review all class procedures and expectations)




*Students will change for P.E. in the locker room and should bring their P.E. clothes to school in a small drawstring bag.










Email & Office 365 Applications


Each fifth grade student's password has been reset. At home, log onto  to access email, One Drive, One Note and Teams.


   Username Reminder:
John Smith graduates in 2024


  E-mail Address

Student e-mails have become active.

Students are able:

  • email teachers and other students directly through their personal email accounts through MTC
  • access their class notebook through One Note
  • continue access to their One Drive


Note to Parents:

Gaggle Safety Management is utilized to monitor the students' emails for violence/bullying etc. Students will only be able to email internally for safety.