Technology - Mrs. Flach

5th Grade Technology Course - Mrs. Flach 

Welcome to 5th grade technology! The purpose of this course is to enhance the ability for students to communicate clearly and express themselves creatively using Microsoft Office products along with a variety of other platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media. We have developed this course based on the Creative Communicator standard from the International Society for Technology in Education. 


enlightenedFINAL UPDATE - May 18, 2020 - I am going to be putting in a grade of 50 for work that I have not yet received. This does not mean that the grade will remain, I will change the grade once I receive the assignment. I want to be sure to have the time to track down any missing work and for students to have enough time to complete it before the year runs out. If there is a discrepancy please email me and I will look into it. I check and once a day or you can email me to let me know that you have completed it. 



I am updating the project section of the 5th grade technology. The biography project was worked on at school and was saved on the school’s local network, what that means is that the biographies are not accessible from home. Therefore, I am not going to have these due until (hopefully) we get back to school. A few students did choose to create a new biography at home and send it to me. That is fine but I am not making it mandatory since about ½ of the students had already completed their projects and their notes are also at school.

Website for virtual fieldtrip:

Word Document with instructions or PDF Document with instructions - the due date is April 16

Final project for the year is listed as an oral report and poster. This will be on a career choice for you. Choose a career and make a 1 page poster using no more than 3 images  that best demonstrate what your chosen career is. Create this poster in landscape layout in Word. Then type a 1 page report covering the following points:

  1. education needed
  2. skills required
  3. why you chose this career - primary focus

If we are back at school by May 15th (the due date) you will be asked to present this report to the class with the poster on the large screen as your backdrop.

As always please do  not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions - I am home! 

Trimester 3 Assignments/Projects and Due Dates 

*** Virtual Classes

1. link is: - The students were all given their passwords, if that password is forgotten I can retreive all you have to do is email me.

2. Typing assignments and due dates are listed on the document above.

3. Suggestion while at home: We are all in unchartered territory at this time. This time in history will be something that might be a story for today's kids to tell their children someday. I suggest journaling using the computer in MS Word or Pages. Sometime during the day make the time to type about your observation, your thoughts, your feelings. Type the date at the top of the page then use one page per day. Press Enter at the end of your last paragraph or sentence and then press CTRL and Enter to force the next page. It is good practice for typing. This is NOT for a grade - just a suggestion. 

Grading Scale

  • A  - 90 - 100 
  • B  - 80 - 89 
  • C  - 70-79 
  • D  - 60 - 69 
  • F - 59 and below 


Assistance and Communication

  • Questions - Email:
  • I am available by appointment after school on Thursdays only. Please schedule your request by sending me an email. Unfortunately, I cannot accept same day appointments.


Behavior and Classroom Expectations

  •  Fifth grade behavior and classroom expectation policy