Classroom Rules and Procedures

Rules & Procedures
The classroom rules and procedures that are outlined below explain how I expect
you to conduct yourself in class this school year. By following these rules and procedures,
you will help make our classroom an efficient, productive, and positive learning
environment for everyone. The goal is to make our classroom a space in which you all
have the greatest possible opportunity to learn and grow.

Classroom Rules:
1. Always do your best.
2. Create original products.
3. Treat everyone with respect.
4. Seek and give help when needed.
5. Listen actively.
Classroom Procedures:
1. Bring all necessary materials to class including: textbooks, pencil/pen,
paper, social studies notebook, social studies folder, colored pencils, and
2. Be in your seat and ready to begin class when the bell rings.
3. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat, unless the teacher gives other
4. Freeze, face the teacher, remain silent, and pay attention to the teacher
when the she raises her hand and says "Attention please" or "Bulldogs."
5. Turn in homework and in-class work when and where indicated by the
6. Head all of your homework in the upper right-hand corner of your paper.
Your heading should include your first and last name, the date written out
in full, and the class name.
7. Use computers for class related work only.
8. Throw away all trash before or after class.
9. When absent, ask your classmates about assignments and check the
assignment board before consulting the teacher. The teacher will be happy
to help you if your classmates cannot answer your questions.
10. When the dismissal bell rings, remain seated until the teacher dismisses
11. Before leaving class, clean up your work area.
12. During fire, tornado, or other emergency drills, follow your teacher’s
instructions and the procedures posted in the front of the classroom.