Molding Styling

Top Molding Styling to Enhance a Room






Then whether you’re rebuilding your home or focusing hard on floor renovations, adding the right trim can enhance and polish any room. The perfect trim will integrate the walls, window and door frames, floor, and fixtures into one sleek whole. There are many types of moldings that reflect different homeowner decorating styles, from Victorian and traditional to fully contemporary.

Seaweed Hardwood Floors lists the top five trim styles that enhance any room below.


Crown Moldings

Crown moldings are best suited for more decorative-style rooms. This type of trim is fitted between the wall and the ceiling. It makes the transition between the ceiling and the walls more attractive. This is a perfect trim for rooms with fairly ornate chandeliers or pieces of artwork near the ceiling to draw the eye upwards.



Baseboard is the most common type of trim in a room. Baseboards cover any uneven joints and areas between the wall and the floor. It also protects the area from chairs, tables, and other furniture. There are endless arrays of baseboard styles to choose from to complete the room. You can choose to add shoe molding to the bottom to thicken the look of the baseboard and cover any details of the floor from the walls.


Chair Rails

Chair rails, also known as dado rails, are applied horizontally to the lower part of the wall horizontally along the perimeter. Originally, the chair rail was intended for functional purposes, however, over time, many homeowners have also opted for it for aesthetic purposes. Chair rails divide the lower part of the wall into two parts, which many people prefer to apply on top of one area and paint in another. The room is supposed to dynamically enhance the color palette.



Vanscott trim is a type of paneling of pieces of wood that are aligned vertically along the lower perimeter of the wall. These ice pieces are also traditionally made of wood, however, some homeowners have chosen to use plastic or other materials for the interlocking panel pieces. This type of trim is very protective and decorative, transforming a space into a detailed room with decorative character.


Wall Frame Moldings

Wall frame moldings, also known as picture frame moldings, are wall frames that create spaces for hanging artwork, paintings, and others. It takes up spacious halls, spacious living rooms or is the perfect, decorative way to break down a staircase.

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