Weekly Updates

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Second Grade News!

Good Day All!  What a great first week of Star of the Week presentations we had!  I would like to thank Isabella, Galit and their families for all of the hard work they put into their projects, we had a great time and the class really enjoyed themselves.  I look forward to what Erick and Alana are going to prepare for us this week.  We ran into a bit of a problem posting the tentative Star of the Week schedule here on the website but an email was sent out on my behalf to keep you all updated.  If you did not get the email or would like to request a scheduling change please do get in contact with me.

This week as you are well aware is parent - teacher conference week and I am looking forward to meeting those of you I haven't had a chance to talk to individually yet. 

English Level

I have created the different groups for spelling list and homework assignments purposes (Red, Blue and Green).  The students are aware of their group colour and their weekly spelling list and homework assignments will be listed weekly under homework. 

Nov. 12-16 Spelling Lists - review of soft vowel sounds using high frequency words.

Group Green - have, has, west, bend, milk, log, got, rush, rags, love

Group Blue – have, rush, milk, love, which, happen, where, under, something, because

Group Red – something, happen, kingdom, together, hundred, cellar, beautiful, diamond, shimmer, because

Last week we experimented with small group work and rotating learning centers, we still have some work to do in the coordination department but I was encouraged by the students’ enthusiasm when it came to taking responsibility for their own learning tasks and the improvements they've made in cooperative decision making.


Homework books will be signed every day by myself.  Homework will always be a review or something that your child will understand.  Below I have written some explanations for some of the spelling exercises that we will be assigning your child to do for homework (we will always explain the homework at school!) so everyone understands what we are looking for.

Possible Spelling Assignments

Rainbow Spelling - Students will write the word three times using different colors for each letter.  For example - kick,  kick, kick

ABC Order -  Students will organize the word list in their green spelling workbook in alphabetical order, writing the list three times

Backwards - Students will write the word forward and then backwards and then forward again.

Shape words - Students will pay attention to letters that drop below the main line and those that go to the top as to help with handwriting.

Spelling sentences - Students will write a sentence for each word.  If two words can be used in the sentence and it makes sense, then that is acceptable.

Silly Spelling Story - Use all the words in a creative story.   Students will be writing a paragraph that tells a very silly story and shows imagination and creativity.

This week we will be working hard to comprehend the structural and contextual requirements for an acceptable book report.  During our library time I will help the students in selecting appropriate books for the week of (Nov. 19-23) when the writing of an independent book report will become part of their homework assignments and a completed book report will be due on Friday November 23rd.


Story of the Week:  "Cinderella"- comprehension quiz on Friday, vocabulary words and cause & effect relationships

Vocabulary Words:  beautiful, shimmering, diamonds, cellar, kingdom


Monday:  Write spelling words 5 times each (using look, cover, write, check method) and do page 47 in the Spelling Book

Tuesday:  Pages 48-49 in Spelling Book.

Wednesday:  Red & Blue: Write a short story using all of the spelling words in your list.  Write the spelling words in a different colour.

                        Green:  Write a sentence for each spelling word.  10 sentences total.

Thursday: 1. Study for spelling test on Friday - Review story "Cinderella" for reading test (vocabulary words and cause and effect relationships).

                   2. Study for Abbreviations quiz (Skills Book pages 73,74,75) .

                   3. Study for spelling quiz, lists are in blue spelling book and online.


Grammar Objectives:  Identifying abbreviations in postal addresses and review of homographs and homophones.

Peru Objectives:  Identify the different features that make the cities and geographic areas of Peru unique to one another.