Classroom Posters


Above are the classroom rules that were created by the class and help

remind our students how they should be behave in the classroom. 

This list of "Put Ups" reminds our students to be kind to one 



The picture above tracks the amount of time our students spend reading 

independently each day. Once they reach 30 minutes, they will earn a 

pizza party! 

At the beginning of this week, a chart was created for students that breaks down what Guided Reading is

and what each student will be doing. Students will start starting Guided Reading with Mrs. Dragish and Mrs.

Evans soon. The chart reminds students what is expected during this time, and how they need to behave. 

Students can use this chart to help guide their thoughts during independent reading. If a student likes a part of the book,

they can choose the phrase "FAV" and put this on their sticky note. If a student writes down an "E" during their reading,

this means that they are using evidence from the text. If "LOL" is written down on their sticky note, this means it was funny

to the reader. If they write down a "?", this means the reader is confused with a section of the text. Lastly, using a "!" 

on a sticky note, explains that the student finds that section of the text interesting.