Homework packet and notes sent home Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday).

Homework is due on Friday morning.

20 minutes of reading daily

Approximately 20 minutes of review, practice, or project homework Monday-Thursday 

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Spelling Homework Activities

Choose any of the following activities to complete for homework.  Parents please sign the homework log daily.  Start each activity on a NEW page with the title of each activity on the top.  Please underline your spelling words! 


Rainbow Writing Write your spelling words in pencil and then use three different colored crayons, pens or pencils to trace over the words. 
Stair Step Writing Write the first letter of your word then on the next line, write the first two letters of the word.  Continue doing this until you have the whole word spelled.c  ca   cat
3 Times Write your words 3 times each. 
Sort Group your words by rhyme.take           gamerake           same 
Sentences Write sentences with 8 of your spelling words. 
Picture Draw a picture for each word 
ABC Order Write the words in alphabetical order. 
 Code Writing  Write the words using the code at the bottom of the page.1=a, 2=b, 3=c, 4=d, 5=e(bed = 2,5,4)