Our Classroom Website

I am Erin. I will be the reading  teacher. We ask you to bring in a book for your child to practice reading . We will provide a reading log. In writing/reading class we will start writing and reading story's to each other.

                            I will do this to help the class:

               I will read to the class.  

               I will encourage the students to ask questions about what they are reading and get more into the text.

              I will give them sheets asking about the setting and main characters  so they learn more about their book. Wink




   hello we are young tutors and we like to kid around so we know what to do if your child gets bored but we do learning games and take our business seriously. we teach many different subjects and please if you have any questions feel free to email me at carlysherba@yahoo.com we teach at the community arts center.


 as you can see there are many different links please visit them all this is where you can learn about us and see what we are doing in class we will also put pictures up in these sections. you can look at progress book to see what your child's grades are. if you would like to see us please e-mail  us and we will have a conference with you whenever you want.


  Hi again we just want to say if you have anything you want on this site you can either give it to us at the community arts center or you can email it to us. During the time we have to tutor your child we may get more laptops and then we may each get our own email. That way  you can simply email the thing you want one of us to see to that person but until then we only will have one laptop/computer. we will also do something like progressbook and you will have a special site to go to to see your child's grades.