Carly (writing teacher) and (music teacher)

Hello i am carly and this site is where you can learn about everything your child is learning or anything about us. If you have questions you can email us. We use spectrum workbooks if you would like us to use a different one or if you have your own please give it to us. We all teach differently and different subjects. I teach writing and my partner erin and i do language arts but we split it up in two different subjects reading and writing if you want us to tutor both just ask and we will do it.On this site we have an assignments page each tutor will wright down what we are doing in the classroom and what we send home for your child to do. If you have any problems we will listen and you can tell us anything we will be here. each session is up to two hours and for 1 hour per session we charge 5 dollars if you want two sessions it's 10 dollars. And that's it for now bye!Tongue out   



Hello again right now we are getting this site set up and if you have any ideas please send them to me at thank you.