classroom schedule

Each day this is what order we will go in and yes we teach like a classroom we want it to feel like they are in a classroom anyway this is how our day goes.






                    Reading- each session there might be a little library time.







Each day in writing class we have a short amount of time for snack. In the fist sessions we will provide a snack if your child wants one. After that we ask you to provide a snack for your child. As for drinks your child can bring anything as long as it's ok with you.(in most schools they say no soda but it's ok here.) we also ask you to provide some paper towels but only a few parents can. (In case of spills or anything unexpected.)          




As you can also see in reading class we will have a little library time so in library we will read a short story and then they can pick out any book to take home far a week or two. We also in library will be making our own cards so make sure your child if they take them home to not lose it because it's very important. That is all for now. bye!!!