Global Warming lesson

KLA: HSIE KLA links: Science and Technology, EnglishTITLE: Introducing Global Warming
LESSON FOCUS:This lesson introduces the unit of work ‘Global Warming’. Students will begin writing a KWHL chart which will be continued throughout the unit. They explore global warming through various activities and learning tasks. These activities will be structured around Bloom’s taxonomy and will draw upon the work of other theorists, including Maker, Gardner and Tomlinson.
OUTCOMES:HSIE: ENS3.5 Demonstrates an understanding of the interconnectedness between Australia and global environments and how individuals and groups can act in an ecologically responsible manner.S&T: LT S3.3; ES S3.6 DM S3.8ENGLISH: TS3.1; WS3.9; WS3.14ASSESSMENT:The KWHL chart will demonstrate the prior knowledge of the students.Through observations the teacher can assess the understanding students have of the topic.Working Towards developing a plan/design to make the school more eco-friendly – ideas and justification.
LINKS WITH PREVIOUS LEARNING:Background Knowledge: knowledge developing across all KLAs within this unit of work.Students have had experience in undergoing activities structured around Bloom’s taxonomy and the 6 levels of thinking.
INTRODUCTION:1.   Introduce the topic to the students.2.   Students begin a KWHL chart individually.3.   Students watch the National Geographic Global Warming 101 DVD.4.   Stimulate a discussion to develop a mind map of ‘global warming’ with the students on the board.KWHL chartsGlobal Warming 101 DVD 
DEVELOPMENT:5. Introduce the 6 ‘Thinking Boxes’ around the room to the students (they should already be familiar with these).6. The students move to their chosen box and each select one of the activity cards and begin the activity.6 Thinking Boxes with activity cards in themResources needed for the activities: pens, textas, crayons, cardboard, internet access, books, etc.


7. Students move into designated ability-based groups (assigned by the teacher) and share the tasks they completed from the box. Students need to state which box their activity was from; why it was useful to the subject content; 8. Each group is given Something to Think About cards to stimulate further discussion about their activities and related issues.9. Students add any further ideas to their KWHL charts.    Something to Think About cardsKWHL charts
FURTHER LINKS TO UNIT:A similar structure of this lesson will be repeated throughout the unit and students will need to complete the learning tasks from all 6 boxes.