Learning sequence for students with English as a second language

LEARNING SEQUENCE (for students with English as a second language.)

Learning Design Question

Learning Activities

  1. What do students need to think about?
  2. How can I assist them?
Types of performing.·         Show pictures of the Sideshow Alley performers doing their tricks on an OHT.·         Denotation/Connotation activity as a class with words put forward by you (taken from the article), as well as by the students after viewing the pictures.
  1. What do the students already know about types of performing?
·         Dialogue as a class – about any experiences the students may have had; what did the photos indicate?; is anyone familiar with these types of performances?; are they dangerous? Etc.
  1. Can we organise what we know?
·         Categorise any types of performances on the whiteboard, and any acts that fall under those performances (eg, sword-swallowing under ‘Sideshow’). Only organise the information relevant to the article to focus the students’ thinking.·         Compile information into a KWL chart, completing only what the students already know and what they want to learn.·         Prediction Cloze using simplified text completed individually.·         Read the simplified text.
  1. How can I further assist students?
·         Auditory Discrimination Task using the video provided on the Daily Telegraph website.·         Read the article individually.·         Synonym Cloze to be completed in pairs.
  1. What can we do now? / What can we think about now?
·         Reverse cloze. To be completed in pairs.·             Three-level guide. To be done in mixed ability groups of 4-6 students·         Complete the KWL chart – ‘what have we learned’ column.