I am a firm believer in working to help my students in all areas. Homework will be assigned from time to time. The purpose of homework is to reiterate what was learned in class in order to provide practice of the material and increase their comprehension. All assignments will be reviewed to help guide, correct and reinforce the students' understanding of the subject matter. This will allow me to gain an understanding of the class's comprehension of the material taught. My goal is to make sure that all students comprehend the material before we proceed onto the next lesson. There will be very few instances when students will have homework on the weekend.

Grading scale:

A- 90-100%

B- 80-89%

C- 70-79%

D- 60-69%

F- 0-59%

The students will be awarded participation points.

I know that it is always helpful to be able to monitor your child's progress, which is why I will be creating the website: This will allow me to post all of the past, current and future assignment. This will help by providing a collaborative effort in the student’s learning. All assignments will be posted at least one week before they are assigned. This will allow for extra time in case you would like to look over and review the material with your child. Meetings can be scheduled if there are any questions regarding the website. If there are any questions you can  e-mail at or you can call the school to make an appointment.