Lets "character" it up!!!!

This activity is called what a character!!!!(this is for language arts)

First tell everyone to brainstorm a fictional character(e.g., a person, animal, magical being, etc.)

Then hand out one index card and ask them to fold it in half, also give them(any color)small construction paper and tell them to hold that up to the index card, and cut the consruction paper just the same size as the index card so that its like a book.Then staple it.

On the front tell them to make a pretty design(anything that they want).

Then on the first page of the index paper tell them to put BY:(first name) (last name).

Also tell them to think of their characters name, favorite thing to do, characters age, and the other resident(s) of his/her/its home.

Then tell them to write that information in that order on the next page.

After they do that tell them to draw a picture of their character on the next page beside the information.

Then after that all they have to do is turn the page, write the end, then they have their own little character books.

You can also tell them to divide into groups and share their booklets.

After that they can ask each other questions then YAY! their done.