What is the concrete polishing process?

The surface of the Polished Concrete Melbourne floor is made by a mechanical grinding and polishing process with the help of a penetrating chemical to provide a different texture. Polishing concrete is a multi-step process that requires specialized tools and equipment.


The chemical penetrate used for polishing is called a hardener. The construction process features, and benefits of making polished cement concrete are explained below.


How to make polished concrete?


The Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne is obtained through a surface effect. There are several ways to achieve this polished finish surface effect. Whichever method is chosen, the basic approach is the same.


Polished Concrete Floor


  1. Grinding process


Machines equipped with segmented diamond abrasives are used for polishing concrete surfaces. These machines help to grind concrete surfaces to the desired shine and smoothness. If you are looking for hiring these services then you need to search Concrete Polishing near Me.


Most of the concrete grinding process starts with a value below 100. Commercially available machines have abrasive discs with different grits. Tiles are often difficult to clean, and most products on the market do not properly clean tiles. You can avail this service for searching Tile Removal Melbourne.




  1. Concrete polishing methods


Concrete can be polished by two methods, namely:


  • Wet method
  • Dry method


  • Wet method of polishing concrete


In the wet method of grinding concrete, during the grinding process, water is used to cool the diamond abrasives. This reduces the amount of dust that is generated during the polishing process. The water used in the wet polishing method helps reduce friction. This water also acts as a lubricant, thus increasing the life of polishing abrasives.


The wet method of polishing concrete


As water is used throughout the process, a large amount of sludge is formed. This makes cleaning and disposal difficult.


  • Dry method of polishing concrete


In the case of a dry polishing method, no water is used during the process. In the polisher, a containment system is fixed so that the formed powder is taken directly through this arrangement by vacuum. This cleans up the mess along with the process. This is an added advantage over the wet polishing method.



Procedure for polishing concrete


The step-by-step procedure to obtain a polished concrete is:


  • The first step is to get ready the concrete surface by grinding. The concrete surface to be polished is prepared by removing the Epoxy Coatings for Concrete Floors. This can be done using a 16 to 20 grit diamond abrasive. This should be the tool that is specifically used to remove coatings.


  • Once sealed, the surface is ground with diamond abrasives. The grain used can range from 30 to 40. A metallic bond diamond is used. This is followed by a diamond grinding with an 80 grit metal bond. Then with a 150 grit metal diamond.


  • After the series of grinding, the surface is identified by applying a chemical hardener.


  • Polishing is done by means of a resin bond diamond with a grain ranging from 100 to 200. A combination of both can also be used.


  • The final finish is done with a 1500 or 3000 grit resin bond diamond.


  • To maintain the surface, a stain protection coat is recommended over the concrete surface.