best pedometer for seniors

Best Applications to use for Elderly People


Technology has advanced a lot, reaching everybody around the world. Living without a mobile phone in the present seems impossible to us. However, for many elderly people, mobile phones are another world that they do not care about, do not like or do not know how to use. And this can be a problem because they have a world full of possibilities at their fingertips that can make their lives easier.

Getting familiar with smartphones without any prior use is not easy, especially when living without them for a lifetime. When trying to use them, they usually find problems to handle the operating system, and to this fact, it is added that they do not see much use in their day to day. And many mobile applications are of great help for this population range. We are going to give you some reasons:

Mobile apps for the elderly

  1. For Health
  • Medisafe. This App alerts the user of when to take medicine by sending a call, an email or a message. It also confirms to family members or caregivers that the patient has taken their medication or if they have mistakenly taken a different one than they should have.
  • Pedometer. With this simple and free application, physical activity is enhanced; it allows you to calculate the number of steps, the distance travelled and the calorie consumption. It is the best pedometer for seniors.
  • Social Diabetes. This application is available for iOS and Android and is suitable for people with diabetes, as it is used to monitor blood sugar levels. Besides, it allows you to control and track insulin and oral medications and includes a medical history reminder with interactive graphics.
  • Instant Heart Rate. Super practical application to record the heartbeat.
  • Happy scale. An incredibly easy-to-use application can be beneficial, especially for older people who must control their weight. The App controls each user's ideal weight and advises us on how to achieve our goals. It acts as a medical alert watch for seniors.
  1. For Location / emergency
  • Life 360. Handy App that alloAws you to locate older people on whose mobile the App has been installed. For relatives, it is of great help since, thanks to the GPS, they can know at all times where their loved ones are.
  • Help me. This application is for asking for instant help. Give instant support to the elderly, who can use the App in case of medical problems or accidents. It acts as a belt to lift elderly.
  • FallSafety Pro. An intelligent fall detector will immediately send a text message requesting help to emergency contacts, using SMS and always with available GPS data, including in a second message the exact location where the accident has occurred.
  • Red Panic Button. It is a straightforward application to use since it is integrated by a simple button that, in an emergency, puts us in direct contact with the person who has been configured. The application sends a message containing the location information via GPS.

All these applications like pedometer for seniors are created for both the elderly and their caregivers, especially those of health, as mentioned before. A caregiver can and should ensure the correct functioning of each and every one of the applications that the elderly person uses. This ensures proper care and safety since the elderly person may not know or forget steps and functionalities. It is normal.