Español 2

Course Description

Spanish 2 is the secondary portion of Spanish 1 and builds on the foundation of the Spanish language basics. Students will continue to learn phrases, conjugation rules, vocabulary, and culture throughout the year and will be introduced to new grammar topics. Spanish 2 culminates with a proficiency exam for high school credit. Spanish 2 is the prerequisite for Spanish 3 which is an elective course and culminates with an exam that gives an additional high school language credit and allows for students to be eligible to graduate with an advanced regents diploma.

Textbook & Materials

Our classroom is not textbook based however we do reference a textbook for activities. Our textbook is "Avancemos Spanish 1" as well as "Avancemos Spanish 2" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 2013). In this course, students need a 1" binder, pens/pencils, and loose leaf paper. A Spanish-English dictionary is recommended, but not required.

Upcoming Events

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