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Vocab practice 4-1. Go over questions from page 98.  Read and discuss Nota Cultural page 99. Escucha y Repita vocab. 


Study vocab; quiz Thursday


 Video from ch 3.  Handbacks.  Vocab practice for quiz tomorrow. 

 study vocab; quiz tomorrow!

 repaso de vocabulario.  Examencito de vocabulario 4-1.  Actividades 8 y 9 p. 100/1 en parejas and go over them.  Giving advice (deberias/debes and para + inf)


 Read the 8 short Dear Abby letters.  Write responses giving advice to two of them.
 2009-11-24 Activites for Communication!  Role  play (2 choices given in class) asking for and giving advice. Review of Cuanto tiempo hace que...?  Speaking assessment.  Practice and presentations. have a great looooong weekend! Feliz dia de accion de gracias!

 Review ser/estar (class notes)

Commands (class notes) and powerpoint practice

 Act. 21 p 106 and act 24 page 107
 2009-12-03 Review ser vs. estar with practice paquete.  Practice on board. 

 C-panorama cultural p 107 read and ans ?s

E-finish paquete

 2009-12-04 most students were at band/chorus concert--study hall no hay!

 WE went over sign up procedure for www.quia.com

Review of Ser vs. Estar, comparrisons and saber vs. conocer for tomorrows quiz.

we went over homework from Panorama Cultural page 109.

1. Sign up for www.quia.com using class code RAJNM738

2. Study for quiz tomorrow 4-2

3. Act. 5 page 118.

 2009-12-08 examencito 4-2 split sheet 4-3
 2009-12-09 vocab escucha y repite.  Practice with vocab act. 7 page 119 and translate.  Go over asi se dice p 111.  Do act. 28 p. 110.  Small group dialogue using vocab from asi se dice.   act 30 p 111

 vocab quiz 4.3

Review for ch 4 test tomorrow

page 122 a ver si puedo all

 study for ch. 4 test