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 a block-go over vocab 4-1 and Escucha y Repite.  Go over homework. Unintentional Se

D block-vocab 4-1. Video de Capitulo 3 and Video "Made in Spain"

 A-page 117 act. 3&4

D-worksheet -isimo


 a block-video "made in Spain" and show students Quizlet to practice vocab

d block-go over vocab 4-1 and escucha y repite. Go over homework.  Unintentional se

 A-estudia vocabulario.  Worksheet -isimo
 2009-11-19 Vocab quiz 4-1.  Act 6, 7, 8 del paquete y repasarlas.  Act. 9 & 11 p 102/3.   Act. 3,4,5,9, 10 del paquete
 2009-11-24 Role play speaking assessment day!  restaurante/food critic.   Que disfruten de la vacacioncita!

 Chose food for food project due 12/09.  Reviewed vocabulary 4-2 (stores).  Listening act page 106/107 and went over ?s.  Annouced extra credit opportunity for second quarter--make cooking show video while doing project!

 vocab quiz 4-2 for Thursday.

Act. 10/11 pg. 42 and 13/14 page 34 packet

 2009-12-02 vocab practice.  Went over hmwk.  Class notes DOUBLE OBJECT PRONOUNS.  Practice on board.   Vocab quiz tomorrow 4-2!  Act. 15, 16, 17, 18 in packet.
 2009-12-03 vocab quiz.  went over hmwk for double object pronouns.  Gave directions for cook book page for project due 12/9. 

 A-work on project

D-act 12 and 13 paquete & project

 2009-12-04 A-Watched a video on http://www.bablingua.com/bl/icebreakers (la tortilla espanola) and discussed.  Packet activities 12, 13, 14, 15 and reviewed them. 

 A & D-work on project

Buena Suerte Cara! :)

 2009-12-07 Reviewed por and para.  Reviewed Double Object Pronouns.  Handed out rubric for video extra credit project due 12/17.   Study for quiz 4-2
 2009-12-08 examencito 4-2 work on project
 2009-12-09 read pages 112-115 and answered questions.  Handbacks of yesterdays quiz.   project due tomorrow!

 watch video for ch. 4

outline ch 4 test (tomorrow!) and do a ver si puedo on the last page of chapter.

 Study for test ch 4 tomorrow