Capitulo 4                                                                              
 Double Object Pronouns

 When using BOTH an IOP and a DOP in the same sentence you have to be sure to put them in the correct order! 

Direct Object pronouns go DIRECTLY before the conjugated verb. 

IOP  DOP  Conjugated verb ej/ Me puedes prestar el libro?  Claro que si, te lo presto.

We ATTACH them (in this same order) to the end of an infinitive, gerund or affirmative command.

ej/ yo voy a presarteloestoy prestandoteloPrestamelo.

They are placed before a negative command.  ej/ no me lo prestes!

When using the IOP le or les you must be sure to change it to se.  EJ/ Yo se lo di a el.  Nosotros se los compramos ya.