Las 3 llaves

"Las 3 llaves" are the three keys to success in our classroom.

They are: Respeto (Respect), Responsabilidad (Responsibility), and una Actitud Positiva (Positive Attitude). Character education will be taught at every opportunity in order to reinforce these ideals and help students grow as individuals. In the beginning of the year, the students will create lists for each "llave" to help shape what our classroom will look like and what we have to do in order to meet each of the three.

Woo hoo! I am so excited to tell you about this great tool!! Class Dojo is a website to which I have aligned "Las 3 llaves." Students will gain and lose points based on their behavior in the three categories: Respect/Disrespect, Responsibility/Irresponsibility, and Positive/Negative Attitude. There is also a fourth category to earn points for Participation in Spanish. Each child will have their very own avatar and login information to allow them to make changes to their avatar and view their progress in behavior. Parents will also have access codes and receive email updates to show their child's behavior for that week. The site also offers messaging between parent and teacher. However, to keep things as simple as possible, please direct all emails to my school address ( I will go over this in more detail and answer any questions at Curriculum Night.

Later in the year...

When we're ready, we will also use a marble jar for Spanish use (they will gain marbles any time I hear them using the language). The whole class will work together to fill it up and earn a reward!