Webquest: Hacer una Fiesta

¡Hagan una fiesta!

It is your mission to throw a party, but there is a lot of planning that must happen first! Complete the Party Planning Workbook to make your celebration a success! Read all of the instructions on this webpage first, and then begin the party planning.


You must complete 6 steps.  They are to...

  • Pick a theme, date and time.
  • Decide on the invitation list.
  • Choose what food and drinks to serve at your party.
  • Design a menu.
  • Determine what your shopping list should be.
  • Grade your classwork with the provided rubric.
  • EXTRA CREDIT! Create the invitation.


Chose the theme of your party! You can select anything from a holiday (Navidad, Cinco de Mayo, Pascuas) to a special event (cumpleaños, bodas, despedida de soltero), from a theme (80s party, jungle theme, cowboys) to colors (white party, pink-and-polka dot, camouflage).  Is the party formal? Semi-formal? Casual? Costumed? And finally, you must decide on a date, time, and a location that your party will take place. Put all fo this information on Page 1 of the Party Panner Workbook.

Los invitados

The next step is to determine who you will invite.  Will you invite family? Friends? Everyone? The party that you chose to throw will impact who you will invite, so choose the appropriate people to attend the festivities.  The "Lista de invitados" is on page 2 of your Workbook.  If you need more space, you may use the back.

La comida y las bebidas

Every party needs food and drink!  Choose at least 5 dishes and 3 beverages that you will serve at your extravaganza.  Pick your favorite foods or pick something that goes along with your theme.  Don't forget, if you invited someone to your party with food allergies or who is a vegetarian, you should have some food options for them! Write out the menu on page 2.

El menú

Design a menu for your guests on page 3 of the workbook. Feel free to decorate it and title it (according to theme!).

A comprar

Now that you have the menu decided upon, it's time to go shopping!  Make your shopping trip organized by creating a shopping list.  Make sure you get all of the ingredients that you'll need and don't forget to buy your utensils and paper products (forks, plates, napkins, etc.).  Start on page 4 and make your list in English.  Then go to http://www.grocerylistmaker.com/ and select the foods and other grocery items that you marked in your shopping list above. On the bottom right corner there is a button called “Create Grocery List.” Click it.  A new window will open that organizes your shopping trip into categories of food.  There is a template of the organizer that you will get, but it is in Spanish on page 5.  In each box, write IN SPANISH in the corresponding items that you will be buying. If you need help translating a word, I recommend going to http://www.wordreference.com/.

La invitacion

You may ONLY move on to vreate the invitation if the rest of your work is done.  If you have any questions about the completeness of your work, please ask! To create an invitation for your party, go to http://www.vistaprint.com/vp/ns/studio3.aspx?pf_id=AFZ&combo_id=262504&free_studio_gallery=true&referer=http%3a%2f%2fwww.vistaprint.com%2fpartyinvites.aspx%3fmk%3d%252binvitations%26ad%3db%26crtv%3d12245743099%26psite%3dmkwid%257cNParV5jk%26GP%3d4%252f29%252f2012%2b8%253a02%253a21%2bPM%26GPS%3d2429419821%26GNF%3d1%26GPLSID%3d&xnid=TopNav_Free+Invitations+and+Announcements_Free+Products_Home+%26+Family&rd=1 to create your card.  Your invitation should include the reason/theme for the party, the date, time, location, what you will do or the types of food you will serve, and RSVP information.  A checklist with all the necessary information is on page 6 of the Workbook. Make sure you print out a copy to attach to your Workbook!


In the last 3-5 minutes of class, be sure to complete the Rubric on page 6.  Circle the grade that you believe you should receive.  If you have any comments about your work or would like to justify your grade, please write down your comments.  Final grades will be determined by Señorita's Bayne and Koolakian. No discussion.

¡Buena Suerte!