Ms. Taylor's Classroom


Welcome to the official website of Rose Bud's Spanish Classroom taught by Ms. Taylor! This website is intended for parents and students to stay updated on what is happening in the classroom and to stay informed on upcoming events! 

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Why Study Spanish?

Are you asking yourself whether or not you (or your student) should study Spanish? There are many benefits to learning a foreign language!

Learning a foreign language allows you to:

  • Learn a new culture and develop an appreciation for your own and for others
  • Be more profitable in future professions¬†
  • Be able to communicate with Spanish speakers
  • Travel in foreign countries more safely

Taking Spanish 1 & 2 classes at Rose Bud will:

  • Make you eligible to be an honor's graduate
  • Be more prepared for college courses and future Spanish courses
  • Expand your horizons by learning a new language and culture