Spanish 1

Spanish 1

Course Description:
The Spanish 1 course at Rose Bud will introduce students to the Spanish language and the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. Students will build a foundation of Spanish vocabulary that will help students with different forms of communication. Students will learn how to communicate in simple sentences and phrases through a variety of written, spoken, and other various activities in class.

Course Learning Outcomes:  The High School Spanish 1 course will help students to:

  • Master common vocabulary terms and phrases such as greetings, family, school, etc.
  • Comprehend a wide range of grammar patterns such as conjugation of verbs in the present tense, asking questions, and making comparisons.
  • Analyze and compare cultural practices, products, and perspectives of Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Participate in simple conversations and respond appropriately to basic conversational prompts.
  • Generate language incorporating basic vocabulary and grammar patterns.
  • Read, write, speak, and listen for meaning in basic Spanish.


Grades and Assessments:

Student progress and their proficiency in Spanish will be regularly assessed through quizzes, tests, homework, classroom activities, and classroom participation. The student’s grade for this course will be distributed as followed:

Semester Test                                       20%                                         Rose Bud High School Grading Scale
Chapter Test/Quizzes                           40%                                         A         90%-100%
Homework Assignments                      20%                                         B          80%-89%
Classroom Activities/Participation       20%                                         C         70%-79%
                                                                                                            D         60%-69%
Total:                                                  100%                                      F          59% and under

Classroom Rules and Procedures:
1.         Listen to all directions given by the teacher.
2.         Be in your seat when the bell rings, ready to begin class.
3.         Pay attention in class. Classroom participation in all activities is required.
4.         Be polite, no bullying, and support one another. We are supportive of a variety of cultures, people, and ideas.
5.         Don’t interrupt one another or the teacher while they are speaking. Raise your hand to speak.
6.         Have needed materials for each class such as homework, pen, paper, etc.
7.         Arrive on time to class each day.
8.         No cellphones in class unless permitted by the teacher.

Classroom Wish List

  • Dry erase markers

  • Tissues

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Pencils 

  • Markers

  • Colored pencils

  • Crayons

  • Scissors

  • Paper (colored and white)