QUIZLET & Additional Practice



         Quizlet is a free application where students can practice their Spanish outside of class using a computer, IPAD, or Smart Phone.  Students can practice our study sets anonymously without signing up to use the application.  However, if you would like to "sign up" for free, you will have access to games and other benefits.  If you do sign up, I would suggest using a random username so as to keep an anonymous profile online.  

        I suggest that students practice their current study set at least 30-60 minutes per week outside of class.  This practice will enhance their Spanish learning and also help prepare them for regular quizzes.  Please note, however that there will not be a new study set each week.  The details of each week's focus/study set will be on each grade's respective page.  Please click on your child's grade above in order to be up to date with our current study sets.  


Here is the link to my Quizlet site:  https://quizlet.com/classes/jjmelnyk/



  DUOLINGO:  Click on the link below to create a FREE account with Duolingo and learn more Spanish!
VIDEOS:  Students can also benefit from watching Spanish videos at home!  Click on the link below for fun singalong videos!   https://www.youtube.com/user/bashoandfriends












"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb