New Indian Services Marketplace Which Also Includes Pets

New Indian Services Marketplace Which Also Includes Pets

Are you a pet parent in India looking for easy ways to care for your dogs and cats when life gets busy? A new online trend is bringing reliable pet services within everyone's reach. Service marketplaces catering specifically to pets have launched nationwide, connecting owners directly with sitters, walkers, boarders, and more. This guide provides an overview of the options now available via these online networks. You will learn about typical pet services near you and tips for selecting caregivers you can trust for your furry family.


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What are Pet Service Marketplaces?

A pet service marketplace connects pet parents directly with qualified pet care providers. It operates much like an online bulletin board. Pet owners can browse profiles of local sitters, walkers, groomers, and other services near them for hire.

Pet service providers are prescreened and must submit to a background check, which gives pet parents peace of mind, knowing their trusted partners are properly vetted.

In India, leading online marketplaces like Fixando are now making it easier than ever to find reliable pet care. By launching specialized pet services sections on their sites, owners can conveniently browse options and book trusted pet sitters and walkers more seamlessly. 

Once you find someone with great reviews and an ideal service, you can book appointments and pay securely through the site. Furthermore, communication remains within the platform for convenient messaging.

Types of Pet Care Services Offered on Online Marketplaces

Pet service marketplaces offer a wide range of offerings to suit all your furry friend's needs. From everyday walks and grooming to specialty services like training and veterinary care, you can find it all in one place.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitters come to your home to provide companionship and care when you're out. They'll feed your pet, walk them, clean up messes, administer medication if required, and provide that much-needed loving attention. You can relax knowing your pet is happy at home.

Dog Walking

You can hire dog walkers on online marketplaces to take your canine companion out for exercise and relief breaks when you can't be there. Walks provide physical activity and mental stimulation that dogs need. Scheduled walks keep their routines consistent, too.

Pet Training

Trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to teach good manners, obedience, potty skills, and important commands. Private in-home sessions are highly effective. Many also offer group classes for socialization.

Pet Grooming

Groomers keep your pet looking and feeling their best with bathing, brushing, nail trims, teeth cleaning, and haircuts. Professional grooming maintains skin and coat health. It can also prevent matting, skin issues, and bad odors.

Pet Transportation

Getting pets from point A to point B safely and comfortably can often be challenging. Thankfully, many pet marketplaces connect owners with trusted transportation providers to handle all travel needs:

  • Vet Visits: Caring sitters will accompany anxious pets to appointments while you're at work to help keep them calm.
  • Boarding Drop-Off/Pickup: Reliable drivers can deliver pets directly to and from boarding facilities when travel means you can't personally.
  • Air Travel Assistance: For longer distances, some services offer specialist handlers familiar with airline regulations to guide pets through their journey.
  • Road Trips & Relocation: Moving or needing a pet-friendly road trip? Transportation professionals are equipped to make multi-hour drives as stress-free as possible through rest stops and company.

Veterinary Care

Some marketplaces have vets who can make house calls for exams, vaccinations, and treatment. Professional veterinarians will visit your home for basic care, so you don't have to travel to a vet hospital. You can schedule vet appointments directly on the marketplace app or website. 

Specialty Services

You can also find pet massage, acupuncture, swimming lessons, behavioral therapy, pet taxi, and other unique services. Marketplaces offer one-stop access to any pet care you require.

The many choices on marketplaces allow you to select the customized care approach that suits your pets and budgets. Look through for options that cater to your unique situations.

Benefits of Online Pet Service Marketplace

Pet service marketplaces are a dog-send for busy owners who want the best for their furry family members. Here are the benefits of using an online pet service marketplace for all your pet care needs:

User-Friendly Experience

Pet service marketplaces make finding care easy with their simple digital interfaces. Just open the app or website and browse services in your area. Search filters and categories allow you to quickly zero in on what you need.

Wide Range of Offerings  

Gone are the days of scrambling to find a sitter at the last minute! Marketplaces offer a diverse range of services all in one place. Services include dog walking, vet visits, overnight boarding, and other pet special services. 

Easy Booking and Payments

You can schedule services and complete secure payments right through the platform. Many platforms also allow you to book in just a few taps or even request real-time on-demand services. 

Screened Providers  

Marketplaces carefully screen all providers before onboarding them, which gives you confidence that you’re leaving your pets with qualified professionals. You can also read trusted reviews from other pet parents.

Tips for Pet Owners Using the Marketplace

While online pet marketplaces take the stress out of finding care, it's still important to do your research to ensure the right fit. Taking a few precautions will give you confidence that your pets are in safe hands. Follow these tips to ensure your furry friends get the absolute best care while you're busy living life.

  1. Check Reviews: Read what past clients say about reliability, communication, and rates of it working out well. Consistently great reviews indicate a trustworthy provider. 
  2. Ask for References: Reputable sitters, walkers, etc., should have no problem sharing contact info from previous customers you can reach for a firsthand account.
  3. Review Insurance: Accidents rarely happen, but you'll feel more secure knowing providers maintain valid liability protection.  
  4. Sign Contracts: Spell out expectations around access, medications, and emergency procedures in case issues arise during your absence. 
  5. Trust Your Gut - If initial impressions leave you uneasy, trust that inner voice and keep searching. Your pets' well-being is the top priority here.
  6. Check-in With Providers: Occasionally check in on your pet and the service while they are in a provider's care to give you peace of mind.
  7. Update Your Availability: Keep your availability calendar updated so regular services like walks align with your schedule. Notify providers about trips or changes.
  8. Provide Feedback: Leave honest ratings and reviews after services so other pet owners can benefit from your experience. Also, notify platforms if any issues occur.

Double-checking providers and maintaining open communication will let you enjoy peace of mind while your pets are thriving in good hands.


As a loving pet parent, your furry companions deserve the best care available – even when duty calls you away. Online pet service marketplaces are game-changers for pet owners like you. With just a few taps, you can now conveniently access a wide range of quality local providers. Tips like vetting caregivers and communicating details will help ensure your pet gets the best care. Now, you can breathe easy knowing your furry family member is happy and safe, even when life gets hectic